Thursday, September 03, 2009

How To Get More Efficient Customer Service

Sometimes, we run into problems with a merchant.  Whether it's a lost item, over charge, etc., we need to talk with someone.  The dreaded experience doesn't have to be so bad.  I just had an experience with an on-line music service that was offering a free trial (to be cancelled within a week) no questions asked.  Although I had thought I had cancelled the service, my credit card was still charged.  Frustrating, of course.  But don't let that $12 escape your wallet so easily.

Instead of calling the 800-number to speak with someone, who may or may not understand the problem, I was able to utilize an on-line chat option.  The somewhat terse conversation proved very effective in allowing me to receive succesful resolution to my problem.  The rep. was able to look up and address my problem right away.  The flip side is waiting for an email to be responded to, or a customer rep needing to get permission from a higher up to authorize a charge back.

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