Monday, September 21, 2009

How To Shop More Efficiently And Save While Doing It

Who doesn't want a bit more time in their schedule to do things that they really enjoy?  I personally don't care much for grocery shopping, which is why I try to use home delivery services like or  But, what about for other items, like clothes?  Purusing racks of clothes either in-store or virtually takes time.  What if there were a way to have the shopping done for you, at least the browsing?  One of my readers clued me in on such a service called ShopItToMe.  You can read their website for more details, but in a nutshell, the site alllows you to sign up for email alerts from well-known manufacturers of your favorite clothes (in your size, which means no more false dreams) and informs you when a certain item is on sale.  Get the email, click the listing, and be directly in touch with the store selling the item.  Without naming brands specifically, they are well-known national stores selling popular lines.  But, before you get all excited, make sure also hunt for coupon codes that may bring the price down even lower.

Don't wait..set it up now and save your self and/or your significant other serious time and perhaps angst from having to wait for you to play dress up at the store.