Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Loyalty Program Learning Opportunities

In addition to saving money, I love taking advantage of loyalty programs to help boost my shopping experience. Cash back, frequent flyer miles, points, etc., I will take it all. This past weekend, I attended a new favorite event of mine, Frequent Traveler University, in DC, to learn additional tricks of the trade.  First, a little background.

frequent travler universityMy daily reading routine includes browsing several travel-related blogs found on BoardingArea. The bloggers explain the ins and outs of frequent flyer, hotel, and other loyalty programs pretty well.  Sometimes, they are a little in the weeds, but one can pick up the lingo eventually with some research.  Another great site, which is a compilation of user forums, blogs, and other resources is Milepoint.  What's different about the two sites is that BoardingArea aggregates blogs while Milepoint aggregates specific program info, tips, tricks, user experiences, and advice, all easily searchable.  Best of all, both sites are free.

Frequent Traveler University, currently, only a few times a year, gathers the best of travel loyalty program bloggers for a two-day event covering a variety of topics.  Speakers discuss such strategies as picking the best travel credit cards, using frequent flyer miles to their maxiumum, saving money on airfare, and other common items of interest to miles and points junkies (myself included).  The next event is in Tampa, FL, September 27-29, 2013, however, act quickly because it will likely sell out, as the one in DC did.

The cost to attend was $100, but for two days of solid learning, lunch, and interaction with like-minded people, totally worth it.  The tricks and tips I learned will more than pay for the ticket cost.

--The Edge