Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More shopping programs are popping in unlikely places

I just received an email from my Health Savings Account company promoting a new shopping rebate (or discount, depending on how you read it) program.  As with similar "shopping portals," HSA Bank, my provider, is offering cash back, if you shop with one of their partners, in their MyHSA Rewards Program.

However, instead of just getting cash back via PayPal, or a written check, this program will transfer your rebates into your linked HSA account with them which can be used on a pre-tax basis for health care purchases.  While that might not excite some given that HSA accounts are going to be radically modified in January, it's another savings tool that can help. 

Of course, you can also choose to use another shopping rebate program, similar to ones discussed on this site, such as Mr. Rebates, Monkey Jar, or Cashbaq, because the partners are pretty much the same.  Their principal differences are typically how much of a rebate, usually a percentage of the total sale, and how often they will pay your earnings.

Bottom line: before you shop anywhere online, check to see if you can earn some cash back with your purchase.  Depending on your need for the money, decide if it's more beneficial to get the cash now, or build it up for an expense, such as health care, later on.