Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Saving money on wine purchases

A friend in the wine business forwarded me this article from MSN MoneyCentral on getting a good deal on wine purchases.  Rather than re-invent the wheel, reading that article says what you need to know when shopping for a good bottle.

But, in addition to the advice presented there, diving a little deeper, I can speak to having great success with purchasing wine online--and earning loyalty points to boot.  There are many wine sellers that offer great offers for introductory wine clubs, and that can earn you points as well.  Vinesse Wines is one, and their list of partners includes at the least the following:
Depending on the club you enroll in, and the loyalty partner, you can earn hundreds, or even thousands, of points on your first and subsequent purchases.  Just be sure that you use the proper link for the points earning wine club you want to join.  Since national retailers often have multiple partnerships, each separate partner is usually distinguished by a unique link.  And, you usually need to have your loyalty program number, too, to get these special deals.  So, keep it handy.