Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Discounted Electronic Gift Cards Are Awesome - But Hurry Up and Wait for Them to Arrive

The Problem

You see a great deal on a pair of shoes, but you want to make it even better.  You know that a site like Top Cash Back is offering a 10% rebate if you shop through its portal. And, you know that after searching Gift Card Granny, a used gift cards search engine, that you can save another 9% if you buy this store's electronic or (e-gift) gift card and apply it to the purchase price.  This was supposedly to be completed in 24 hours or less.

The Experience

As of today, I am still waiting for an electronic gift card from a company I have used many times before, Cardpool.  On 8/29, I bought a gift card for a shoe store (name doesn't matter) and am still waiting for it several days later.  I have emailed Cardpool twice now and haven't received a response.  I am not worried that it's a shady deal for two reasons: I have used them many times before and I used my credit card which has great fraud protection benefits. I am frustrated, though.  How long does it take to email an e-gift card?

The Solution

This morning, I contacted Cardpool via their online form.  Previously, I e-mailed them directly which may have gotten lost in their spam blocker--who knows.  Whenever possible, I'd recommend using a company's website contact form for customer service resolution because it is built around ensuring legitimate correspondence gets in and SPAM, viruses, etc. don't.  If I don't hear from them by Thursday, I will attempt to contact their other stated email addresses which are not for standard customer service, per se, but will likely get to the right person quickly.  For example, they have a press inquiries e-mail address.  Somebody say unwanted media attention?

I hope to be able to report a positive, but drawn out experience in the near future.  In an upcoming post, I will discuss other options for buying these gift cards.  It is essentially buying money at a discount and I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with several other companies.