Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some Interesting Coupon Facts Shown In A Graphic

I love infographics and believe our short attention-span society will continue to embrace them for the information they pack in bite-size amounts.  Today, I browsed this graphic from which depicts how mobile and electronic coupons are really taking over and fueling coupons' increased usage.  What I was still surprised at though was how little the redemption rate is, 10%.  Print coupons, 1%.  For print, I totally get it.  It's a still a pain to hunt, clip, sort, and bring in your coupons.  For digital?  There are few excuses beyond not having ready access to a computer or smartphone that I can see being a barrier.  Besides, there are many strategies which I have mentioned before and will show again on how you can "stack" savings using digital coupon codes.  They are simply awesome.


The Rise of Online Coupons
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