Saturday, April 20, 2013

Belly Up To Free Food With Bellycard

I am always keeping my eye open for new loyalty programs and this one has definitely caught my attention.  Belly is a relatively new loyalty program that rewards you for visits to your favorite participating businesses.  They range from restaurants to gyms to salons.  Simply sign up using your mobile phone or at their website and either scan a keycard or your phone whenever you see their logo.  I have noticed it at my local wine shop and thai food restaurant.
With each visit, you will earn valuable points towards free or discounted merchandise.  Bonus: try Belly Bites and sample food or other products and services totally free!  Each month, there will be a rotating list of participating businesses that will offer you free samples just for registering for them!  Some recent examples in DC include free tacos, a 10-day gym membership, and smoothies.  Add the offer to your account and you are set.
As the program is still pretty new, it's only in a few markets at the moment: Austin, DC, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago.  But, I expect more will be added in the future.

--The Edge