Friday, January 21, 2011

Offermatic is a new rewards site

This morning, I learned about a new (to me at least) rewards and savings program, Offermatic, that is based on your spending history.  The premise is that by analyzing common spending patterns, Offermatic will send you deals and discounts just for registering your credit/debit card.

The program is free and you can sign up here.  Registration is simple: sign up and add your credit or debit cards.  Behind the scenes, Offermatic is crunching your transaction history to determine where you most often shop.  For example, if you shop at Macy's frequently, Offermatic might just offer you a special coupon for them.

There are many more details on their website, but if you activate your membership now, Offermatic is offering a free movie ticket to

In the future, I will look forward to showcasing the rewards and discounts I have earned just for spending on what I would normally do anyway.