Monday, December 07, 2009

Alternatives to Cable Movie Channels and Netflix

If you are considering cutting back on your cable bill because of movie channels or other features you don't want, rest assured that there are lower cost alternatives that will allow you to still enjoy hit movies without paying for duds every month.  I try to avoid recurring charges, if possible.  Cable is a hold out in this department.

If you are ready to dump your movie channels or Netflix, consider using Redbox.  If you aren't familiar, it's a giant red box that you can find in grocery stores that dispenses movies for a $1 day (maybe higher in some places).  While it's almost a throwback in terms of going out and renting movies (like Blockbuster in its glory day), Redbox is really inexpensive and the movies are first rate.  Best of all, you can often find promotion codes that will give you free rentals.  Currently, the code BREAKROOM works, and I used it two weekends ago.  I rented "Angels and Demons" for nada.  Keep that code handy, but before you go, Google Redbox + promotion codes and see what you can find.  Write down any codes available and see what else might work as users have posted many codes.  And, if you sign up with Redbox, you will get a free coupon via email when you do.

After you view your movie, you can return it to any Redbox location, which is awesome.  So, it's almost like Blockbuster, but without the khaki pants.