Monday, December 07, 2009

Getting the Best Value in Shopping

Sometimes, you don't want the best, you want the most value for your buck.  That's the premise of Cheapism, a site a reader informed me about recently.  While it's very easy to determine high and low prices on shopping search engines, you may not always know what the best value is.  Cheapism purports "[to] make the low-price picks, you make the budget buys" among several categories of products typically found on aggregation sites, such as electronics, computers, and televisions.  Think of it as a smarter online shopping site than ones that simply list prices.

And, if you're worried about biased coverage in on-line reviews, as you should, the site doesn't accept any payments or endorsements for recommending products.  Their business model is based on referral fees generated from linking to third party merchants and running advertisements.  I think that's perfectly legitimate, it's not charity after all.  And, with the new rules announced by the Federal Trade Commission for bloggers and others online recently, in the near future, you will see more disclosure statements upfront stipulating similar business practices.