Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hitting the Holiday Shopping Sweet Spot

Be on the alert for special, last minute shopping savings that may be offered this season.  Times are tough, but that means you can take advantage of this situation.  I just saw this Macy's Friends and Family discount good until Monday.  You can take advantage of it online and in the store.  Here is the link.  Save 25% off!  If you shop on line and spend more than $99, you get free shipping, too!

Here is my special bonus tip on this one.  I already had bought a present at macy' the other day when I saw this promotion this morning.  It just launched on December 2, but I must have missed it.  But, no worry.  I am re-ordering the same gift, not paying any shipping because it was over $99, and still taking advantage of the Friends and Family promotion.  When the first gift arrives at my house, I will simply return it at macy'  This transaction alone saved me about $45!  Thus, if in the future you see another similar type promotion, see if you can return your purchase, re-buy it, and save.  Stores often have "float down" price policies, too, in which if something is offered for less within a certain time frame, you can get a refund of the difference.  A great policy.

Here is another promotion going on, if you are a fan of grocery delivery, as I am, and which I have discussed in the past, Peapod grocery delivery is offering $10 in free groceries for first order, according to the Points Wizard blog.  A small plug for them, it's part of a consortium of travel and related savings blogs.  They are quite excellent reads.  I recommend them, (as well as mine of course), as daily reads.