Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How to Save Money While Staying in Hotels

Like many Americans this past weekend, I spent it away from home.  While most aspects of my saving strategy can be applied anywhere, one I am sometimes remiss with is utilizing printable coupons.  Since I do not travel with a printer, I have missed out on some good printable coupons that I have seen from sites like  And, if I really want to print something, I hesitate quite a bit before paying for a hotel's fax and business center services. 

Am I out of luck with both saving money and using printable coupons?  Nope!  I have learned a great trick using a free faxing service called Faxzero.  Ok, I know some of you may question why in the 21st century we are still faxing, but the reality is that it comes in handy as it did last weekend.  Before heading to the Chicago airport on Saturday, I searched for a cab company to take.  Their website was offering a $3 off coupon promotion.  Initially, frustration came over me as I pontificated over the needless expenditure of cash when I could be saving it.  But, remembering the faxing trick from another trip, I was able to take advantage of the coupon. 

Here's how I did it: (1) I .pdf'd the website where the coupon was located (you can PDF for free); (2) I logged on to faxzero and sent myself a fax using the hotel's fax number and attached my file; (3) I addressed it like it came from the outside, in this case, by using my middle and last names; (4) once the fax was confirmed, I walked down to the front desk and asked if there was a fax, voilla!  No charge to me for getting a fax + $3 in savings.

Next time you are in a bind and want to print something at a hotel and don't want to pay for it, try my technique.