Monday, August 10, 2009

How To Take Advantage of Credit Card Savings Programs & Rewards

While there are several other websites and blogs that track various credit card deals, I am reminded myself, especially the other day in the mail, that credit cards can often come with discounts that people either don't know about or forget. Case in point, a signature Visa card saved my hundreds of dollars this past summer for two trips I took which involved staying at Hilton properties. Clear as day, Hilton's website mentioned special savings of up to 25% if one used a signature Visa. In this case, Hilton had a handy tool for checking if your card was eligible.

Consider also Discover and Mastercard savings. While performing your due diligence in shopping for items online (a future post which will go into detail) check the or websites to see what special promos they may have. The savings may surprise you. It could be x % off of a rental car, or discounted movie tickets, just for using your card that would have otherwise. However, don't use your card if you are going to carry a balance. It's not worth the interest. Regarding the offer in the mail, Bank of America has something called "Add it up," a program whereby consumers can receive up to 20% cash back and discounts from 270 retailers, the literature reads. A link to the program is here:

Other cards may have similar offers, too. Check your card's website, or call their customer service directly and ask.