Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where To Find Offline Coupon Savings

Typically, looking for coupons for online savings is pretty simple.  Visit a site like and you can easily find coupons to your favorite retailers.  One of the unique features on this site is the ability to search for printed coupons, you know the kind that you physically hand a cashier.  In contrast with online coupons, which are typically available to all, printed coupons some times have restrictions on copies, more limited usage (like geographic area), or any myriad reasons.  Still, worth a look.  

Alternatively, there are sites like P&G Everyday Solutions, yes, Proctor and Gamble, that allow you to sign up for their newsletters and/or coupons.  They are good for thousands of products that P&G brands.  Visit  Again, today, I just got another one of their emails offering free samples, etc.