Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Virgin America Code Spoken For--But Wait There's More!

Thanks for all of your requests, but one lucky reader was first yesterday.  But, stay tuned for future chances at giveaways.  If you are still looking for discounts for Virgin America (or other companies), try searching for them.  You might be surprised what you find.  Common search terms are "coupon code," "promotion code," "promotion coupon," or "discount code" + [insert company name].  Try with and without the quotation marks, it does make a difference.

Here's a tip: do you know that even SuperShuttle, the airport van service, has a discount that you can enter when making a reservation?  As an exercise, try searching for it yourself, and learning what it is.  Better yet, hit up Retail Me Notwhich I have mentioned before.  This site keeps a running collection of promo codes from everybody and anybody you can likely imagine. 
Before you get too excited, many come with expiration dates, location or other restrictions.  But, anything is better than nothing, so it's worth a try.