Sunday, October 04, 2009

How To Get Restaurant Take Out and Delivery For Less

Like me, sometimes you feel like getting take out because you are either not motivated to cook, there's nothing left to cook, or you just want to try something new.  Back in late 90s, early 2000s, there used to be a food/movie delivery service called that I used.  It was great and I used to get pasta and a movie for what then seem to be very inexpensively.  They had somewhat of a limited number of items available and it went belly up along with many other web-driven delivery businesses.

Today, food and grocerty delivering business are starting to crop up again and one service I have been using quite a bit is Allmenus.  They are national, so look if your city is listed.  The great feature about Allmenus is that they partner up with local restaurants and you can either have the food delivered or pick it up.  Lately, and I don't know how long they will be offering them, they have been throwing out major promotion (keycodes as they call them) codes for signifcant discounts.  There is currently one for 30% off of your order, but I have been given coupons for as much as $15 off my order, typically for a short window of time.  Especially if you are single, that's more than enough to eat basically for free.  Give them a couple bucks for a tip, if you like.

One of the best things about ordering food online is that you can hone in on what exactly you want--quickly.  There's no server pushing you towards that "special" that may or may not be a deal, and more importantly, no one is plying you with expensive alcohol.  As with other websites I have discussed, look out for a discount code for Allmenus by searching for it, and even better, registering as a follower on Twitter and a friend on Facebook.  They offer special discounts for those "fan" outlets, too.