Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rewards programs and savings for mundane activities

Changing your car's oil and other maintenance is something that many of us must deal with every couple of months.  While a necessity, it doesn't mean you can't be rewarded for it.  Jiffy Lube has just introduced Jiffy Rewards, and it is not a bad deal.  Register for free here and after your third visit, you can get 50% off their Signature Oil Service provided you visit within 180 days of your second visit.  While that might be more frequent than needed if you don't drive much, you might as well get something if you do need to take your car in for service.  I will save the car maintenance recommendations for you to figure out.

Look for incentives such as the Jiffy Lube rewards in your every day chores and shopping.  I didn't know it existed until we we went up to pay for the oil change.  A bonus tip, even if you don't have it physically with you, Jiffy Lube will honor a coupon if you ask for it.  Their website had a promo to sign up for a $5 off coupon but I forgot to print it out (two lessons: one, don't forget to print your coupon out; two, always check a website of a retailer before shopping there).  Luckily, the nice guy at the near by Jiffy Lube here honored it anyway.  My wallet and our car say thanks and it never hurts to ask about coupons there, or anywhere else.

And, it never hurts to see if a merchant will honor a competitor's coupon.  Back in the 80's, Burger King and McDonalds were pretty good at that.  Today, before they went belly up, the bricks and mortar version of Linens n' Things used to honor Bed, Bath and Beyond's (BBB) coupons.

A bonus tip from a reader about BBB, you can "stack" coupons there and they come all of the time in the mail.  Next time you go, bring all of them in your possession and see what you can do with them to save the most money.