Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taking advantage of trial offers

The next time you need to renew a subscription to your favorite magazine, or service, try to do it online as opposed to just sending in a check, or providing a credit card number over the phone. There is a chance that you might not have to pay the full freight to renew it. Want to know how? A company called Trial Pay has deals with a variety of merchants that allows you to get something, such as a magazine subscription, for free provided that you complete one of their offers. While the offers can be free as well, they tend to have more strings attached than simply buying another service they are promoting. But, even those are relatively inexpensive compared to what you would have been paying originally for the subscription or other product. Be careful though, if you don’t watch it you might be end up paying a lot more for the “free trial” than you would have liked.

However, if you pay attention to what you are doing, you can quite often receive goods and services at a fraction of their cost. The next time you are “checking out” on a purchase, look for a very obvious Trial Pay logo and see if there is an offer you can take advantage of that will be less than the cost that you would have paid for already. Thus, instead of simply paying for a magazine or other service, you might get something in addition to that while still paying less than you would have. A recent offer from Trial Pay included getting a $45 subscription to an invaluable travel and loyalty rewards magazine for about $11 provided one register an Internet domain at a hosting service. But, it’s a steal: you get a domain name plus a subscription to a magazine for $11. Had you not taken advantage of this offer, you would have been out $45 for the magazine, period, end of story.

Pursue the Trial Pay website and see what else you can get for free or at a reduced cost. Their list is by no means comprehensive, and more than likely you will be offered something else when you are surfing the Internet and shopping.