Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey it's my birthday, what can I get for free?

It happens once a year for everyone, your birthday!  Find out how you can take advantage of free goodies, which definitely can help ease the pain of aging.

Growing up, everyone knew about Baskins Robbins’ (BR) free ice cream on your birthday deal.  However, unlike when you were a kid, there is a bit of paperwork to complete first.  Visit BR's website and sign up for their Birthday Club, and about five days before your birthday, they will send you a coupon good for free ice cream and a discount on a birthday cake.  Now, as much as we all love ice cream, especially free ice cream, you only have one birthday, so resist the temptation to fill out multiple applications.

So, that covers dessert, but what else can you take advantage of on your birthday?  Digging through the web a little deeper, several sites track such free give aways.  Frugal Living lists several restaurants that have birthday discounts and freebies, some require you to join their frequent eater club, and some you simply show your identification.

No list is comprehensive, so a good tip is that if you and your family eat at a particular establishment frequently, ask a server or manager if they have birthday specials.