Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mother's Day Savings

According to, Mother's Day represents approximately 25% of all flower purchases during the holidays.  It's easy to see why; the Census Bureau estimates that there are about "82.5 million mothers of all ages in the U.S.," which would make May 9th a very busy day indeed for the floral industry.

It's no secret that buying flowers, really any time of the year, can be pricey, if being purchased online.  Since not everyone gets to live with their mothers past the age of 18, a great deal of flowers are likely ordered over the phone or the web.  This service can make flowers a pretty pricey endeavor.  But, there are ways to blunt some of the cost.  As I have mentioned in a previous post during Valentine's Day, you can use web flower services like to get an idea for an arragement and simply go into the store and have them made.  It will probably save you a few bucks on shipping at least.

If buying flowers in person is not an option, than mitigate some of that cost by employing other tricks I have mentioned.  Promotion codes abound for sites like FTD.  Also, your frequent flyer mile program of choice likely has an offer to earn miles for shopping through their website.  For example, United offers 30 miles/dollar spent at FTD.  At about $.01/mile value, a $40 arrangement netting you 1200 miles is like getting $12 off, or about a 30% savings.  An interesting side note about this particular offer is that it was emailed to me.  United's normal offer with FTD is for only 25 miles/dollar.  Another case made for signing up for promotional emails.

Remember also that the crush for delivery of flowers will cause your shipping price to go up.  So, try to ship them on a day where they won't be as busy.  Think Friday, May 7, as opposed to Saturday, May 8.