Sunday, May 16, 2010

Take coupon hunting to the next level

Although there are countless coupon and promotion code sites out there, some of which I have mentioned, not all deals are as widely published.  There a few sites (at least) that have user provided coupons that they are willing to trade.  These may be special coupons or other discounts one may have received for being a loyal customer, a customer who hasn't bought anything in a while, or a totally new one a company is trying to lure.
One site in particular, FatWallet, which also has a lot of other deal-related information, has a section of their site dedicated to trading coupons.  Thus, if you have a Home Depot 10% off coupon, but really need a 10% off coupon for Best Buy, there is a forum in which to trade these there.

Trading coupons with total strangers may seem a little odd, but it is not a new concept.  Coupon trading clubs and groups have existed forever, and with the economy still in recovery, the concept is only likely to grow in popularity.  While the human connection is more effective in person, the benefit of the on-line platform for coupon trading is that it provides a bit more anonymity to this process and might encourage people to be more willing to exchange.  And, it's also a lot easier to do as well.