Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rite Aid's new customer loyalty program

Rite Aid just launched a new customer loyalty program called Wellness Plus.  The program is free and easy to join.  Once a member, shoppers can immediately earn a $5 off $25 purchase coupon, as well as points towards additional savings. 

The savings are based on a tiered system, meaning, the more you spend, the greater the discount.  Once a member earns 125 points, they are eligible to save 10%, one-time, on non-prescription drug purchases.  At the silver level, which requires 500 points, members can save 10% off non-prescription drug purchases for the remainder of the year.  Finally, at the gold level, which requires, 1000 points, members can save 20% off their non-prescription drug purchases for the remainder of the year.

The analysis:  since there is no Rite Aid in my neighborhood, this won't disuade me from shopping at CVS.  In contrast to CVS, which earns a guaranteed 2% back on each purchase (and don't forget the Extra bucks), one has to spend quite a bit at Rite Aid to get a discount.  Moreover, unlike CVS, the details of the program stipulate that it cannot be combined with another offer, which might mean coupons as well.  But, I would still try using your coupons when making purchases (at any store). 

Here is some strategy, which will help you earn your 10 or 20% off quicker: be sure to fill your prescriptions at Rite Aid.  Prescriptions earn 25 points per dollar vs. 1 point per dollar for all other items.  One prescription might score you a 10% off pass really quickly.  In contrast, one would have to spend $500 or $1000 on non-prescription purchases to yield that discount.  The terms and conditions stipulate that Medicare/Medicaid subsidies are ineligible, as well as in NY/NJ, but if you have an allergy pill prescription that costs $5 after your health care kicks in, that's enough for a one-day 10% off pass. 

Join their program and let me know what you think of it.