Sunday, September 19, 2010

Those extra couple of minutes can make all of the difference...

Often, it seems like products obtained on-line all go for about the same price.  Your initial savings is likely based on the fact that purchasing that product on-line vs. in the store, perhaps in bulk, is cheaper.  But, the difference between saving several more dollars already above obtaining the same product in the store can come down to special promotions a site is offering.  Typically, free shipping is common, or perhaps a weekend special discount can be found.

The lesson is even if after using a site, like Shopzilla, and all of the prices for the identical product look the same, be sure to take that extra step and search for any on-line coupons that might be offered to really put you over the savings edge.  For example, perhaps two websites are offering a high-end shampoo at $55/bottle.  While you may think your search is over, continue your homework to see if one company is offering free shipping with purchases over $50.  Or, for that particular day, they are offering a 15% coupon, perhaps for joining their mailing list.  You can do a quick and dirty and check out Retail Me Not, or you can fish around the product's website for any other promotions. 

Found a coupon?  Awesome!  Now, take that newly found information and complete your purchase and feel great knowing you likely saved as much money as possible.