Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Like" this and maybe you can get a coupon for it

Increasingly, companies are using Facebook and Twitter to engage their current or potential customers.  This is of course both good and bad for consumers.  Bad because the reason why 600 million users were drawn to Facebook initially, at least, was to keep in touch with friends, family and the like, not to be subject to an onslaught of ads.  But, Zuckerberg needs to justify the multi-billion dollar valuation somehow right?

Now, this is a good thing because with more companies involved, it means---deals!  When it comes to getting a coupon, points, or entering a contest, I will "like" just about anyone and everyone.  Yes, you can call me a sellout, but if there are deals to be had, I will take them.  There's a cost, though, in that you give up some privacy.  But, I am not concerned.  Ever since the advent of the store loyalty card, which you could say goes back about 30 years when American Airlines introduced the frequent flyer program, you gave up your privacy a long time ago.

The next time you are on Facebook or Twitter, which probably won't be too long from now, look up your favorite company and see what they are offering if you agree to be their friend, or follower.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  And by the way, please tell your friends to like my Facebook page while they are it.