Thursday, October 04, 2012

Savings beyond paper coupons

The Problem
You want to try your best to save money on everyday shopping.  But, you are tired of clipping paper coupons that are a pain to organize.

The Solution
Pre-loaded coupons!  Financial institutions such as BankofAmerica's BankAmeriDeals are starting to take off.  Just watch the quick video below and learn how effortless savings can be.

My Experience
I haven't used BankAmeriDeals yet, but have come across similar offerings from Savings Star, another pre-loaded coupon serving service.  More on that in a bit.  With BankAmeriDeals, you simply log in and check for current deals available that you are interested in, and click on them.  The only catch is that you need to use your linked BofA credit or debit card.  Since I usually only use my Chase United MileagePlus Card and earn miles, I will be selective about which card to use for the biggest loyalty points or savings bang.  Today, I saw a BankAmericDeal for Giant grocery where you can get 15% cash back (up to $100 in purchases) by loading this deal.  I'd say it would be worth switching my spending tool for this.

With Savings Star, the deals are mostly for grocery store savings, such as on detergent.  Sign up, linked your store loyalty cards, such as CVS, and then you will be presented offers based on the zip code entered.  The catch, if you will, with Savings Star is that you must meet a certain threshold before cashing out.  Right now, it is $5.  I haven't earned enough yet for a payout, but am getting close.  What's awesome about Savings Star is that your can still use your regular store coupons, Balance Rewards, and Extra Bucks to earn or use on your purchase.  That's what I call a coupon wham-bam.  The video above, provides a great explanation of the program.