Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lower Your Mobile Office Costs With This Free Conference Call Service

For those that have decided to start their own business, or just have a need to work remotely, but don't have an office conference call bridge, there are options.  Recently, I came across a service called Free Conference Call, which as its name says, allows you to make free, unlimited conference calls.  No catches, no pitches, and no costs.  According to their website, and this should not be an issue for most people anymore, the only potential cost would be long-distance charges.  But, with cell phone or unlimited calling plans prevalent in the U.S., long distance premiums are almost a thing of the past.

It's tough to get excited about an office teleconference service, but some of the features that Free Conference Call offers that your company may not are the ability to record and edit your calls.  This would be perfect if you wanted to make your call public, but did not want to include sensitive details.