Saturday, March 30, 2013

Move Over Netflix, It's Prime Time For Amazon

I used to love Netflix.  Movies were decently current, the interface was easy to use, and I could watch wherever I wanted: mobile, t.v., or laptop.  That was then and this now.  Frankly Netflix has disappointed me.  The movies are old, save for the documentaries, or were never hits.  Cost: about $100/year.
Amazon Prime

As a frequent Amazon user, one day I decided to take advantage of Amazon Prime's 30 day trial offer with which they were trying to lure me.  Not only was I going to get 2 day shipping on my purchases included, but streaming movies and t.v., all for $79/year!  I decided to pull the trigger.

I am just over 30 days into my membership and it has been fantastic.  Granted, the interface for the Vizio television app I have took some getting used to.  Note to the developers: add a more intuitive browsing capability.  If you wanted to find a documentary, you search for that word to pull up a list of titles.  Like I said, a little odd at first.  You can always use their web interface which is much easier to sort.

In addition to the movies I have been watching, I have used the two-day shipping as well.  I bought a $6 pack of printer paper and two days later I was feeding my printer with it.  Awesome!  Let me know if you are thinking of making the switch to Amazon, or if you have gone back to Netflix and why.