Monday, March 25, 2013

Tax Day Is Less Than 20 Days Away

To my readers, just a gentle reminder that your tax returns are due in less than 20 days.  Even if filing taxes is not that complicated for you, I highly recommend taking your tax return to H&R Block, or use tax filing software to see what breaks and credits might be available to you.  You never know unless you research.

H&R Block
If you are expecting a tax refund, you can feel confident that it will come in a timely manner.  Given the nation's fiscal mess, I was surprised to see mine in just a few weeks.  Of course, this means I gave Uncle Sam a free loan.  Next year, I am going to re-figure my withholding using the IRS Tax Withholding calculator to make sure that I am not having too much in taxes withheld.  If you got married last year, changed jobs, or had another significant life change, it's worth double checking.