Thursday, June 06, 2013

Comparing Road Side Assistance Services

Mr. and Mrs. Edge were recently involved in a bad car accident (not our fault) and had to use our AAA membership emergency roadside assistance.  Although I love AAA, and will keep my membership for life probably, it did get me thinking about towing services in general. Long story short, I was not flattered with the amount of time it took to pick us up on a busy highway.  So, I have done some research since then to see what options one may have instead of AAA.

Just a simple Google search revealed that someone had beaten me to the punch on comparing towing/auto services.  And, quite thoroughly.  Top Ten Reviews laid out a matrix of the top ten roadside assistance services one can purchase.  Not only did it compare pricing, but it also listed additional features, such as discounts, an other extras, and rated them, too.

Car Towing
Among their top ten is All State, and one of the main reasons is that they are cheaper than AAA.  But, another critical difference is reimbursement for bail if you are arrested falsely for a traffic violation.  That was a service offering of which I had not heard.  All State also offers retail discounts, but I did not see any listed for hotel or other travel savings--a big selling point for AAA.

Bottom line is that there are plenty of options for emergency roadside assistance, but there may be limits on towing distances before added fees, so check.  I know from recent experience with AAA that their basic membership only provided the first three miles free, each additional was a few bucks more.

Do your own research, but in a pinch, I would just go for the trusted provider with a long history, AAA.