Friday, June 07, 2013

Removing Unwanted Daily Deal or Daily List E-Mails Is Easy...Just Use Unroll.Me

I have written before about to stop unwanted catalogs and junk mail from piling up by using Catalog Choice, but there's another component to de-cluttering your life, daily deal and e-mail list spam.  Enter

I am a frequent reader of Money Magazine (highly recommended) and they recently featured, a free service to help combat spam.  Perfect, I thought.  It's not hard to see how e-mail lists pile up, and it's a total pain to remove each one.  When you order something online, if you don't look for the box to check that says "Don't subscribe me...." you might get deluged with follow-up e-mails promoting their latest products.  This gets old fast.  And, if you are, or use to be, hooked on daily deals, like LivingSocial or Groupon, those are probably piling up, too.  Eliminate those, and potentially save money, in one fell swoop.  Take a look at the video below:

Available to just Gmail and Yahoo currently, register your e-mail address and the system will automatically scan your inbox for daily deal or other newsletters to which you subscribe.  You have two choices from here: either "roll it up" into one daily digest, or just unsubscribe from them altogether.  Regardless, the consolidation should clear a lot of the congestion in your e-mail box.

Since learning of, I wrote the company to ask if they had plans for adding Hotmail.  It was something they were considering in the future, but stressed the other main e-mail providers for now was their emphasis.  I did discover that Hotmail (actually called now) has a similar feature as  At the bottom of a commercial e-mail, Hotmail includes an option to block further correspondence and delete all similar e-mails in your inbox from the same provider.  In essence, it both automates the unsubscription and cleans your inbox simultaneously.

--The Edge