Friday, June 07, 2013

Awesome Deal With Visa Signature Cards...Buy 1 Get 1 Free Movies

I am an admitted movie buff, but prefer Netflix or Amazon Prime over going to the movies usually, unless there's a great deal to be had.  For holders of Visa Signature cards, there is one for movies until August 2.  Buy 1, get 1 free movie tickets with Fandango.

So, now you are wondering, how do I know if I have a Visa Signature card?  It's really easy.  Pull out your visa card and see if it says "Visa Signature" on it.  As I have discussed before, Visa Signature cards offer a lot of discounts.

Don't have a Visa Signature card?  No problem, just visit this site to compare available offers and choose the right Signature card for.

--The Edge