Friday, June 21, 2013

Changes Coming to Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks, probably my all-time favorite coffee, is making some changes to its loyalty program, My Starbucks.  Currently, you earn "stars" when you use your Starbucks card at their participating stores.  After reaching certain tiers, you will receive additional benefits, such as free refills and food.  It's free and awesome.

Here are the changes: Not only are you able to earn the Starbucks Rewards points at their stores, but now anywhere Starbucks coffee is sold in bags, such as at the grocery store, you can enter a specially marked code to rack up points as well.  The following image explains everything.

A new way to earn Stars.
We're expanding My Starbucks Rewards™ to the grocery aisle. Look for specially marked bags of packaged coffee in the grocery store and follow the instructions to earn a Star.
1. Peel. After purchase, peel the sticker off of your Starbucks® coffee bag.
2. Enter. Log in to your account and enter the sticker's Star code to earn a Star.
3. Enjoy. It's that easy. You will be 1 Star closer to a free drink.
Each Star code entered earns you a Star toward free drinks and food at participating Starbucks. Learn more at
Obviously, if someone has removed the sticker for you, criminally, then that bag won't get you any additional rewards.  But, let's hope people stay honest on this one.


--The Edge