Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To "Super Coupon"

I came across this article this morning that should help inspire everyone looking to save a few bucks.  I will look forward to using the sites mentioned.

On another note, I already have started to see ads and promotions for Black Friday deals.  If you aren't aware of what Black Friday is, it's when retailers are finally (hopefully) making a profit, and falls on the day after Thanksgiving.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are several "Black Friday" days in the works to get everyone pumped.  My advice, be careful where you go to take advantage of these deals.  There have been several injuries, riots, and even deaths related to people being trampled to get a deal.  They tend to happen at "big-box" type stores, but be on the look out.  I would prefer that you are still able to read the blog after Thanksgiving.

Twitter Updates

I installed a new scrolling application that flashes timely deals that I get all of the time.  Just wait a second and you will see them come through again.