Monday, June 28, 2010

Checking store receipts for bonus savings and offers

It's all too easy to throw away a store receipt after arriving at home (or before) with your purchases.  Everything checks out and nothing is broken, so you think "ok, I can throw out the receipt."  But, look closely at the bottom of them and you might notice special offers.  I noticed one the other day for CVS.  Just sign up for CVS emails and get a $4 coupon emailed to you.  That's $4 tax free, awesome!  Of course, with CVS, the bottom of the receipt also shows you how many ExtraBucks you might have earned on your shopping trip.  So, don't throw away the receipt until you check it.

I don't bother very often to respond to them, but fast-food restaurants especially seem to offer chances to win prizes for filling out surveys over the phone or on-line.  Prizes can be lucrative, usually around $1,000, so worth a few minutes of time.  The next time you finish your burger, look to see if there is a cryptic code at the bottom of the receipt a phone number to call.  Fill out the survey and you could be a winner.