Thursday, July 01, 2010

Procter and Gamble Launches eStore

After announcing that they would be getting into the ecommerce business, Procter and Gamble, better known as P&G, finally launched their eStore in the past week.  This is a huge.  Now, one can buy products like Tide detergent directly from them, at reduced prices and $5 in shipping, no matter what the size of your order.

I performed just a few comparisons and it can be less expensive to buy directly from P&G, however, only if you buy several items.  On-line drug stores offer the same products, perhaps only a dollar or two more or less, but the difference is definitely shipping.  Amazon, example, requires one to buy multiple containers of Tide to avoid the shipping charges. offers free shipping for purchasing $49 or more in products, in contrast.

Bottom line: do a little comparison shopping of your own, in the store and on-line, to see what makes sense for your budget.  Factor in the time it takes to drive, hunt, and check out at the store, and the gas to get there and back.  You may find that it's worth buying your P&G products on-line and skipping all of that hassle.  P&G makes just about everything personal care related, so don't just stop at detergent.

Let me know what your experiences are with it.