Saturday, February 26, 2011

Access free streaming music, newspapers, ebooks and more from your library

Your local library seems to be getting cooler all of the time with the breadth and depth of resources available for free.  After registering for a library card, don't just limit your browsing to the 'brick and mortar' building.  Go on-line and browse the vast collection of streaming music, ebooks, classes, and even sites like Consumer Reports for free.

Even the smallest library system in the U.S. should have access to a wide array of resources on-line.  As I blog, I am listening to John Coltrane from an outside link from the Arlington, VA library system Jazz Music Library.  It's awesome.  You might even find that you can skip out on having to buy iTunes, or listen to Pandora's commercial-interrupted selection of repeated songs now and again with the library's streaming selections.

To get started, visit the national library directory and find your closest one.  Generally, you might not even have to live in the same town or even state to get a card.  Major metropolitan regions which border several state might have an agreement that allows one out-of-towners to register.