Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free iTunes and a warning about Borders Books

The Good

The American Express Network has been putting out a lot of great offers lately.  Back during the holidays, they were offering statement credits of $25 if you spent $25 at a small business.  Today, and until March 15, 2011, they are offering 5 free iTunes credits.  Just register for the offer and buy 5 songs.  In a few weeks, you will get a credit back on your account.

The Bad

By now, you might have heard that Borders is in dire financial straits.  They are closing, or have closed already, a number of their stores throughout the country.  From media accounts, they are having liquidation sales which may not be as lucrative for the buyer as anticipated.  Moreover, gift cards are still being offered, which if things continue on their current path, may be become worthless.  Caution.  No telling what will happen with the Borders Rewards program, which is free and generally good with discounts and deals.