Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to save money at sporting events

Typically, going to a major league sporting event can be quite costly, especially if bringing the entire family.  There are a couple of ways around purchasing tickets at full price though that can help.  

1. If the stadium has group packages, check out the price of buying enough tickets to meet the minimum, even if  you don't have enough people who will fill all tickets.  Example: you might buy 6 tickets to meet a group discount, but just bring your family of four.  There might be a food discount thrown in, too.  Bonus: two empty seats to put all of your stuff in.

2. Use search engines like FanSnap that re-sell tickets from a plethora of sources.  Even paying the service charge is often worth it than buying direct from the sports venue.

3. Use a scalper.  While a little more risky, especially if you are on your own during the transaction, these guys typically have good deals.  Tip: make sure the ticket face value is more than or equal to what you are paying and it's for the right day.  Unless it's a really hot event, don't give scalpers more than you have to.  Bonus tip: you can negotiate a good deal by waiting until the game has started.  At that point, unsold tickets will lose value quickly.  Finally, if you don't like the offer, walk away!