Saturday, October 01, 2011

Better than just saving money...getting things free

I speak a great deal about ways to save money when obtaining products and services, but how about just getting them free out right?  I was contacted recently (no financial incentive for me) about a site called Ecofreek.  Ecofreek searches the web for free and 'for swap/trade' items people no longer need from over 45+ major sources.  It is an excellent site for trading what you don't need anymore for things you could use.

The process simple.  Once you are on the site, type in what you are looking for, such as a TV.  You will then see a listing of everyone who is offering to give one way. You can further refine the search by location.  Since the site is an aggregator, it will go to the source of the ad.  In my sample, it was craigslist in Kansas City.  Of course once there, you can easily figure out how to contact the offeror and arrange for pickup.

Give a shot and tell me what you think.  Saving money and saving landfill---what could be better?