Sunday, January 27, 2013

Using Your Credit or Debit Cards to Save Money

Reducing junk email is always a noble goal, but sometimes you might miss offers that will save you money on items you would have purchased anyway.  Visa Offers' e-mails are one example.  Had I simply not signed up for this program, I would have missed this offer from Hilton Hotels:

Save up to 40% with the Any Weekend, Anywhere Sale

Find any reason to get away with the Any Weekend, Anywhere Sale from Hilton HHonors™. Book by January 31 and save up to 40% off a weekend stay at any participating hotel or resort in the Hilton HHonors portfolio through 2013*. Plus, HHonors members can earn a Double Stay Credit for each stay of two nights or more**. Simply visit and book by January 31, 2013.

The Visa Offers Team
Visa Offers. Get offers that get the real you.
Hilton HHonors

While I may not end up taking advantage of this, simply knowing that these off the beaten path deals are available is awesome.

Signing up Visa Offers just takes a few minutes.  Simply pull out your credit and debit cards that are Visa-issued and enter their numbers (up to 5).  Behind the scenes, Visa will be analyzing your purchases for patterns in shopping.  Visa anticipated that I might be interested in hotel deals in this case, see what might be offered to you, and feel free to report back in the comments section.