Sunday, January 27, 2013

Like Drinking Soda? Consider Getting a Sodastream

Ever since brewing Starbucks coffee at home disrupted the coffee house concept, making sparking, seltzer, and soda water is also becoming a new reality in the kitchen.  With our insatiable, on-demand society, consumers are also demanding Coke-like products at home.  I for one am a huge Sodastream fan and use it several times a day to make seltzer water.  I have always liked water with some fizz, but dealing with the pain of hauling heavy bottles was never very appealing.  

Enter Sodastream, the home soda making kit that gives you the convenience of soda making, but without the hassle of syrups, bottles, and waste.  And, its also a lot healthier for you than regular soda.  Not only will you enjoy water more, but you will also contribute to having fewer plastic bottles being made ad potentially thrown away.

In addition to making soda at home, my wife and I also enjoy making fruit and  vegetable juices, yet another beverage you would commonly see in a mall or store.  I anticipate that as costs go down, we will increasingly see more products being available for home production.  We can only guess what is coming next.